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2004 NORDKAPP 257photo

Nordkapp , Scandinavy

2007 MOTOGLOBO 893photo

Cross around the world in 80 days

2008 BALTIC 423photo

Lituany, Letony and Estony great places

2009 DAKAR 322photo

Senegal city and deserts

2009 INDIA 277photo

North of India to Himalaya

2010 SWISS 230photo

Between Switzerland´s mountains and lakes

2010 EEUU 406photo

from Hollywood to the Big Canyon in a van

2011 RUMANY 562photo

Rumany and Moldavia, wonderfull and not very well known countries

2012 TEIDE 367photo

Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma by bicycle

2013 BALKANS 394photo

Albany, Greece and Montenegro : 3 countries, 3 worlds