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About the motorbike and the driver


Mikel Etxebarria, domiciled in Louhossoa, born in Bayonne in 1967, radio journalist.

Spoken languages: Basque, French, Spanish, English, German (a little), Russian (a little).

Voyages carried out: most of the European countries, India, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, EEUU,

Kanada, Kebek, Marroko, Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, ...... and all the provinces of the Basque Country!


Taking into account the longevity of each travel and important changes of the conditions (off-roads), the choice of the motorbike is very important. Here the criteria which determined the type of mounting:

- High daily Mileage

- Important motorway Stages

- Off-roas capability

- High Autonomy (very few gas stations in some parts of Asia or Afrika)

- Reliability and maintenance (few garages in Asia and without equipment adapted for the motorbikes)

- Comfort (position, safety, luggage...)

After analysis the choice was clear: the motorbike has to be a Trail of great cubic capacity. The motorbike, a BMW GS 1100 was acquired in November 2005 (and a GS1200 Adventure since 2013). In the vast current market motor bike, few models are as well adapted to this type of adventure as BMW GS with Boxer engine. Indeed, this motor bike joined together all components necessary to accumulate the km on all types of coatings (motorways, small mountain roads, degraded roads, tracks, sand...). Reliability is also one of its principal assets. This is very important to carry out a trip in all confidence and without stress. Another element determining in the choice of the motorbike is maintenance. This motor bike proposes solutions completely adapted to the adventurers:

- the Cardan instead of the chain (with this system there is a considerable reduction of maintenance and an ideal protection on the muddy or sand tracks).

- accessibility to the mechanical parts to carry out basic maintenance.

- the possibility of adapting to lower octane numbers than the normal, reduced the mechanical problems related to the use of a gasoline of bad quality


The space is limited to 2 side cases, a back topcase and a tank bag. The material of campsite is envisaged. Obviously, good clothing for riding and for different weather. For the maintenance of the motorbike, good tools and some spare parts and, to facilitate the location a good GPS.